The Institute, with its beautiful clock tower, is the most well-known building in our village. It is the third building to stand upon this site. The first was a cottage which, with its inhabitants, was swept away in a terrible storm in 1821. Its replacement was an institute, or meeting place, where young men could read newspapers, attend evening classes and, most importantly, the only drink available was coffee.

By 1885 the Institute had become a teashop.   Twenty years later the building was in such a poor condition that it had to be demolished.

The foundation stone of the present institute was laid on 22nd June 1911 which was the same day that the Queen’s grandfather, King George 5th, was crowned king. There was a procession through the streets which finished at Cawsand Fort with a big children’s party. After the celebrations there was still £15 left over and it was decided to add a clock tower to commemorate the event. More money was raised to build the tower which cost £80 and the clock itself which was an extra £42.

" A Truly Iconic Building at the Heart of our Village"